Mechanical Engineering and R&D Services

PWFT-LFD test stand
Image: Sell Media Company LFD Wälzlager GmbH
PWFT develops testing methods for specific product features. It designs and builds associated mechatronic test benches and measuring devices on behalf of customers.
Measurement and testing servcices by PWFT GmbH
Measuring and testing equipment of PWFT GmbH
PWFT offers measurement and inspection services in optical measurement of small sizes with a Nanofocus µ-Scan and a Keyence microscope VHX 500.

Quality assurance for consumer and industrial goods

Quality control on  multi-blade razor systems
Quality control on multi-blade razor systems
As an independent service provider, PWFT carries out regular quality inspections on behalf of its customers. One current focus is the quality control of multi-blade shaving systems and household knives.
Scutting performance tests
Scutting performance tests
PWFT builds and distributes self-developed testing devices for sharpness and cutting ability testing of razor blades, shaving knives, scalpels, cannulas and needles.
PWFT GmbH as a competent and reliable partner for one off solutions in machine and test bench construction.
Experts answer questions about the sharpness test
When is a knife sharp? How do I measure the sharpness of an edge? How does a razor blade become blunt? The PWFT experts answer these and other questions in the FAQ section.
Quality Seal by PWFT
PWFT Quality Seal
As an independent service provider, the PWFT carries out statistically validated quality control and functional tests in accordance with scientific standards. Compliance with the quality standards can be certified with a test seal.

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